The association will play a pivotal role in promoting the cosmetics industry into Busan's newest growth engine

Nov. Trained customized cosmetic preparation manager in collaboration with Dongnae-gu Office

Oct. The 1st Busan Cosmetic Beauty Festival

Jun. Busan Brand Festa

Apr. Project for supporting China online marketing

Mar. Changed the company name fromBusan Cosmetics Business Association to Busan Cosmetic Industry Association

Jan. Inaugurated the 2nd Chairman Chung Soo-bok


Nov.  Korean-ASEAN summits participated in K-Beauty Festival

Sept. Participated in Intercharm Korea Fair

Sept. Held Samsung Export Conference in Northeast China

Aug. Supervised K-beauty Busan Exhibition

Sept. Participated in Busan Medical Tour Overseas Special Exhibition

Jun. Held the 1st Busan Cosmetic Beauty Industry Fair

May. 14 companies launched in Lotte Department Store, Busan Branch

Apr. Held Vietnam Export Conference

Apr. Business agreement with Busan University of Foreign Studies

Apr. Business agreement with Busan University of Foreign Studies

Mar.  Completed launching fair at Lotte Department Store, Busan Branch

Feb. Regular general meeting in the first half and training for China sanitary license certification

Feb.  World OKTA business briefing session, supervised by Busan Techno Park

Jan. Crowd funding business briefing, supervised by Korea Securities Depository


Dec. The 3rd regular general meeting and seminar

Nov. Signed industry-academic cooperation MOU with Kyungsung University

Nov.  Kazakhstan Export Buyer Conference

Nov. The 10th board of directors meeting

Nov. Busan co-creation public hearing

Oct. The 9th board of directors meeting

Oct.  Busan Anti-aging Bio Industry Forum

Sept. Preparation of Busan Cosmetics Promotion Ordinance

Sept. Signed industry-university cooperation MOU with Daedong University

Sept. Launched pop-up store in Lotte Department Store

Aug. The 2nd regular general meeting and academic seminar

Aug. Vietnam export buyer conference

Aug. Busan Startup Support Center Membership Day

Aug. The 9th board of directors meeting

Aug.  Gwangalli Beauty Festival

Jul. The 8th board of directors meeting

Jul.  Busan Yongdusan Duty Free Shop Guide Event

Jun.  Launched Busan Cosmetic Business Association in Yongdusan Duty Free Shop

Jun. Busan Anti-Aging Expo

Jun. International Beauty Master Contest

Apr.  The 1st regular general meeting and Russia export conference

Mar. The Fourth Industry Innovation Forum

Mar. In-depth training on overseas certification for cosmetics sectors

Feb. The 6th board of directors meeting

Jan.  Integrated seminar for SME technology development support project

Jan. Launched in Busan International Passenger Terminal Duty Free Shop

Jan. 2018 Government Business Briefing Session

Jan.  Integrated seminar for SME technology development support project


On November 8, 2017, BCBA was launched with the goal of boosting revitalization of the local economy through cosmetics industry development in Busan. The association was established to revitalize the local economy through alternative policies for development of  the cosmetics industry in Busan by identifying and supporting SMEs with global competitiveness.

Feb. The 1st CGMP Training

Jan. Permission to establish Busan Cosmetic Business Association
        (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

Jan.  Launched Busan Cosmetic Business Association

Jul. Formation of Busan Cosmetic Business Association

COMPANY : Busan Cosmetics Business Association

OWNER : Mun Oesuk

TEL : +82-51-997-8880

FAX : +82-51-955-3884

ADDRESS :  48434, 309, Suyeong-ro, Nam-gu, Busan (Daeyeon-dong) Social Hall (Fifth Hall), B105

BUSINESS LICENSE : 169-82-00213

Privacy hygiency supervisor : Mun Oesuk

E-MAIL : bcba100 @ naver.com


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