Export guide

What must you prepare before exporting?

1. Overseas market research
  • The first step of preparing for exports is conducting overseas market research. You can check the status of the market and select a target market. Market research can be carried out yourself or by commissioning a research agency through export support infrastructure projects.
  • Market research is classified into 1) environmental research (political, economic, social, and technological status research) and 2) competitors, consumers, and buyer research that directly affect exports.
  • The purpose of market research is to select target countries and set up export strategies.
Internal InvestigationExternal Environmental InvestigationTarget Market Selection
Research InquiryInternal Environmental Investigation
Set up Export Strategy
2. Buyer investigation
  • After market research, buyer investigation is the next step. Buyer investigation is classified into online and offline processes.
  • Online survey: Use import/export database or Internet search
  • Offline survey: Participation in exhibitions, buyer consultations, and trade delegations
  • If you experience difficulty to conduct a buyer investigation yourself, inquire a specialized agency for investigation (KOTRA support project or export support base projects)



Service fee
(VAT excluded)


Support to connect with business partners

① Investigation of promising foreign importers

② Support communication with identified buyers

KRW 300,000

Check the contact details of overseas importers

Check that company exists and  representative contact information

Free for up to 6 companies/year

Investigation of raw and subsidiary material suppliers

Identify raw and subsidiary material suppliers (3 companies)

KRW 300,000

Investigate the interest of traders

Check whether buyers on your list are interested in importing

KRW 50.000/

1 company

Export support base project

Buyer investigation

Investigation to discover new buyers

Case-by-case basis

3. Set up export strategy

Set up export strategy: 1) Select target country, 2) Select potential buyers, 3) Prepare export certifications, 4) Others 5) Set up detailed action plan

  1. Select target country : Select a country with high recent demand identified through market research
  2. Select potential buyer : Secure a buyer through your own buyer investigation or request an investigation
  3. Prepare export certifications : Check certification and costs required for exporting through market research data and internet research and be ready with necessary documents
  4. Others : Check additional necessities for export through market research data and internet research
  5. Set up detailed action plan : Detailed export plans

4. Export certification preparation
  • After selecting a target country through market and buyer research, check what certifications are required to export your products.
  • Overseas certification verification procedures required for exporting countries: 1) Market research, 2) Search for overseas certification inquiry sites
  • Call 1381, and inquire about certifications

overseas certification inquiry sites
KOTRA Overseas Certification Information news.kotra.or.kr (Business - Click overseas certification information!)
1381 Certification Reference Information Center www.1381call.kr
Overseas certification information system www.certinfo.kr

  • KOTRA overseas market news website for verification of certifications : news.kotra.or.kr
  • Click KOTRA Overseas Market News – Business – Overseas Certification Information. Search “cosmetics” in the item name window and check the certification information for each country.

Cosmetics overseas certification inquiry (Example)

  • Check required documents for certification, certification application, and fees for inspection and application.
  • Use a search engine to check overseas certification applications or inspection agencies in Korea, contact the relevant institution to check the cost and required documents for overseas certification applications. Next, conduct investigation and acquire overseas certifications.

Example of export certification application and inspection agency - KTR

5. Export price

 Export cost: 1) Manufacturing cost, 2) Logistics expenses, 3) Other expenses, and 4) Add  exporter’s profits to calculate the final export price

  1. Composition of manufacturing cost: Raw materials + production + inspection + packaging + management
  2. Logistics expenses: The total cost paid to the carrier(Logistics cost: sea/air transport cost + inland transport cost + warehouse storage fee + insurance fee + forwarding service fee.)
  3. Other expenses: Financial, customs, and others
  4. Exporter's profit: Set up desired exporter's profit

- Composition of export price -

Manufacturing costLogistics expensesOther expenses & margin
Raw material costs
Production costs
Inspection costs
Administrative expenses
Sea and air shipping costs
Inland shipping costs
Warehouse storage costs
Insurance costs
Forwarding costs
Financial expenses
Customs fees
Other expenses
Exporter's margin

6. Advertisement and promotion materials

Production of company promotion materials is a very important process for overseas exports. Hence, materials shall be delivered to buyers and important information should be drafted effectively.

  1. Company history and brief introduction (in a document file)
  2. Summarize features of products (in a document file)
  3. Produce images of your company and products
  4. Forward created materials to a catalog or website of a professional manufacturer and make promotional materials (in English, additional cost is required for translation)
  5. Various government support projects are available for support of company promotional materials.
  6. Utilizing the export support base is a representative government support project. You can save money and time by using these projects.

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