Busan Cosmetics Association-Busan Food and Drug Administration Meeting

8 Jul 2021
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On the 11th, Jeong Su-bok (Chairman of the Association of Apparatus Industries) held a meeting with the Busan Regional Food and Drug Administration (Director Hong Jin-hwan) to strengthen cooperation on the development of the cosmetics industry in Busan.


At the meeting, which was attended by key figures from both sides, including Chairman Chung Soo-bok and Commissioner Hong Jin-hwan, the Busan Regional Food and Drug Administration and the association joined hands to seek directions for the revitalization and development of local industries while listening to difficulties faced by local cosmetics companies in their business.


In particular, the two sides promised to actively cooperate to create growth and development models for the overall cosmetics industry in Busan by establishing a smoother communication line and supporting business activities conducted by associations and member companies.


The third on the right side of the picture is Hong Jin-hwan, head of the Busan Regional Food and Drug Administration, and the fourth is Chairman Chung Soo-bok.

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